Go 50 in your own lane.

As the Covid-19 lock down begins slowly lifting these few weeks, life is returning to a new normal. People leave their houses with masks on, restaurants begin to let in customers (with social distancing measures, of course), and the streets begin to fill with people and vehicles. With these going on outside my bedroom window,... Continue Reading →


这首有些悲伤的诗源自母亲节的有感而发。里面蕴含了太多情绪,却以自认为较理性客观的方式抒发了出来。希望我们都能减少遗憾,无论在轮回的哪一端,都要竭尽全力地对伟大的她大声喊出我们的爱 命运已如此吝啬我们之间的交叉,我们只好人为地拉近其他维度上的距离♥️

Part 2: Nihilistic Existentialism

Something in me changed when I got up early one morning while in quarantine. The rest of the family was asleep as I sauntered into the kitchen to make some coffee. While I gazed blankly at the drops of coffee plopping through the glass filter into the ceramic mug below, I began to cry. "Ah,"... Continue Reading →

Part 1: Existentialistic Nihilism

The funny, or more accurately, contradictory thing about university is it made me realize there is no meaning in life. I've spent all of my schooling years in the country's public education system believing there is one ultimate goal that all humanity share- a life purpose. To put it frankly, since the role of education... Continue Reading →


The soft splattering of rain droplets, Towering emerald trees swaying gently, Roaring thunder echoing throughout the wide grey expanse above. And me, gazing blankly through white plastic windows bobbing to the soothing beats of Ed Sheeran mind empty floats lightly.

psychedelic whirlbwirls of youth

I gave it a year I gave myself a year. A year to let the currents of life take me To unexpected mouths of sudden rivers To novel, undiscovered earth I experienced the sweet, sweet euphony of friends’ chortles Like marveling at the breathtaking sight of cherry blossoms for the first time The fragile petals... Continue Reading →

Book Reco!

I actually wanted to share multiple interesting things I came across recently, but this single book review was more than sufficient a post by itself (which really shows how much I like this book), so here goes a post dedicated to "The Art of Productive Disagreement"! A weed is but an unloved flower (just like... Continue Reading →

Snippets of happiness in pain

I don't believe time heals everything. Pain accumulates- head being all over the place, mini existential crisis, guys from the past, family and just trying to get my shit together. Time passes, but the pain is still there. It comes back to haunt you, again and again. My experience in counseling sessions last time taught... Continue Reading →

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