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Everything changes when you are at Disneyland with your friends. The hour-long queues were more bearable, the roller-coaster rides were more thrilling and snapping silly selfies were much much more hilarious. On the third and fourth days, we visited Disneyland and Disnyesea respectively. The whole experience was jaw-dropping.

One question that I was dying to find an answer to was: How can Japanese highschoolers go to Disneyland on a school day? Amazingly, it is not uncommon to see couples or groups of friends wearing school uniforms and having the time of their lives at Disneyland at 11am. In the morning. On a weekday. How I wish I had the courage and rebellious side to pon school to visit USS back when I was in JC! Besides young adults, the theme park was filled with families and young children.

For me, it was my first time taking three roller- coaster rides one after the other, after a decade of hiatus. The feeling of your stomach bouncing around as you dropped in the air at lightning speed was heart- stopping. Unsurprisingly, I was screaming my head off on those rides with a combination of fear and excitement. Besides the rides, the scenery at the theme parks was astoundingly gorgeous- especially the world- renowned castle. At Disneysea, I was in awe at the European and American buildings, and the areas that take after the Amazon rainforest. Last but not least, the fireworks display at night was a sight to behold!

Disney: Thank you for giving me so many beautiful memories. Those two fun-filled days were unbelievably unforgettable and those moments shared with friends will surely be cherished. Disneyland @USA: I am coming for you next!!

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