Finding Certainty in Uncertainty

Finally, the long-awaited part of my life has arrived: I am a university freshmen! The past two weeks were full of orientation, camps, making new friends, meeting seniors and professors, having 3am confessions while hungover (not me), and most significant of all- moving into my dormitory. Against the backdrop of change, aka not knowing what the future will bring and still traversing the mysterious, albeit confusing paths of life, I have unexpectedly discovered some parts of myself in the past two weeks. It was like the solidifying of a dark silhouette as certain things about that entity become clear.

For one, I love spending time with myself, alone, just as much as I love spending time with the people I care about. For some reason, society scoffs at the act of being alone as though sitting alone at a nice restaurant, watching a movie alone and traveling alone signify a loner victimized by isolation. Well, I think spending time with yourself is a glorious moment of inner peace to be treasured in this immensely fast-paced world. Besides that, I appreciate the beauty of connecting with just one person; such times are invaluable to me- sitting down over a meal, chilling, chatting, and enjoying each other’s presence. The perks of living in a dormitory are the freedom and independence that come with it- inviting close friends over to catch-up without a parent’s authority hanging over your head like a death sentence.

Another certainty is what I intend to do in the next four years spent at university, and the many years following that. For now at least, studying, making new connections and creating myself are my top priorities. Career wise in the long-term; who knows? Being a professor, a psychologist, a linguist, a researcher, a teacher, and a freelancer all appeal to me. The world is my oyster. While I have affirmed certain aspects of my future, this path I am on is still largely unknown to me with infinite possibilities I have yet to discover. There is a guiding light I follow despite not seeing the destination; yet because the path I am on is bright, it feels right.

Lastly, I have found a home in a strange new place with even more strange new people: a boy-crazy roommate, unexpectedly caring seniors, precious close friends, shocking strangers who party, drink and smoke with wilder lifestyle habits that I had never imagined can come to fruition until now, and lastly a me who is constantly changing, evolving, bettering as I navigate uncertainty in this new chapter of my life.

Here’s to the next four years of this crazy and wild rollercoaster ride called university!

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