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Welcome to our infinitesimal planet in the vast expanse of the galaxy known as the Internet. This virtual space – Planet “Jiyue” – is a constellation of experiences, euphoria, sorrows and human connections in our university day to day lives.


First and foremost, introducing to you the two inhabitants of Planet Jiyue!


Jiyue Starling No. 1


Hey friends 😀 I‘m Claire, an NTU student nosy about people, passionate in the languages and constantly in an existential crisis. You can usually find me stoning in a random corner, chilling with friends or busy mugging for endless tests that come my way. My big dream is to muster the courage and uproot myself to The Big Apple. Nice to meet y’all!

哈喽,我是谢季翔。我的名字寓意着”四季翱翔”,而我的梦想是翱翔至远方—- 纽约!身为一名南大学生,你会看到我整天在图书馆啃书,或者因为思考人生而“灵魂出窍”。我对人有一种与生俱来的好奇心,总是喜欢对身边的人问东问西。很开心见到你 😀

Jiyue Starling No. 2


Hi all 🙂 This is Zhang Yue, a NUS FASS student who is always more willing to organise her thoughts than to tidy up her room – in fact you will probably see a mountain load of clothes on my bed if you pay me a surprise visit!  I often find myself oscillating between extreme ends of a spectrum – I am a perfectionist at times, other times a procrastinator; my idealism is often accompanied with pessimism and cynicism, and the list could go on. I am on a constant pursuit to find the best balance – if that exists! AND my greatest hope is to amble through life’s complex and mysterious road with a sense of purpose, a heart of gold and a curious mind. Nice to meet you, amigo!

你们好啊~ 我是张悦,现在就读于国大人文与社会科学系。我是个对生活很大大咧咧的人,比起整理房间,我更喜欢整理我的思路哈哈。我常常徘徊于两个极端——我崇尚完美主义,但偶尔又有些拖拖拉拉、马马虎虎的;我在脑海里筑造了无数个乌托邦,但又常因现实情况的截然不同而愤世嫉俗。我希望有一天,我能够找到一个对自己而言最为中庸的平衡点。我的人生目标为:慎思笃志、诚以待人、博学切问。很高兴与你们相遇! (・ω・)ノ

Our blog “季悦”, a fusion of two like- minded friends’ passion in the literary arts, hopes to take you on a roller- coaster ride of happiness through the four seasons. You can click on each of the season on the menu to understand what each season symbolises to us. Enjoy!

在茫茫人海中,我们两颗热爱文学的星尘碰撞在一起,聚而形辰,因此有了“季悦”小星球的诞生。这个博客里的四个栏目将带你走过星球的四季,体会春意盎然的生机、生如夏花的绚烂、静如秋叶的恬适、冬日旭阳的暖意。 (只需点击栏目的名字就可以看到每个季节栏目的简介啦)


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