Snippets of happiness in pain

I don't believe time heals everything. Pain accumulates- head being all over the place, mini existential crisis, guys from the past, family and just trying to get my shit together. Time passes, but the pain is still there. It comes back to haunt you, again and again. My experience in counseling sessions last time taught... Continue Reading →

Exploring sexuality through manga

Recently, I’ve been reading yaoi manga out of curiosity. And I must say, the contents are… interesting. No sarcasm intended. Personally, I find the yaoi genre (also called Boy’s Love) in Japan quite addictive to the extend that these stories actually reflect the societal problems the LGBT (Lesbians, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender) are facing today.... Continue Reading →

Rejection is redirection

‘Dear Claire, we regret to inform you that your scholarship application is unsuccessful.’ This was the reply I received after weeks of waiting. When I received the news, I was not numb, not upset, not disappointed. I was relieved; I was happy. That was when I realised: I’ve been seeking external validation all along and... Continue Reading →

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