Book Reco!

I actually wanted to share multiple interesting things I came across recently, but this single book review was more than sufficient a post by itself (which really shows how much I like this book), so here goes a post dedicated to "The Art of Productive Disagreement"! A weed is but an unloved flower (just like... Continue Reading →

Of Love, Life and Self

This week has been a self-discovery and realising big epiphanies of love, of life and myself. With the backdrop of watching ‘Before Sunrise’ and reading ‘City of Girls’, these noteworthy seven days have come full circle. You can say that for the past few months, there is a guy I’ve been closer to. While he... Continue Reading →

Rejection is redirection

‘Dear Claire, we regret to inform you that your scholarship application is unsuccessful.’ This was the reply I received after weeks of waiting. When I received the news, I was not numb, not upset, not disappointed. I was relieved; I was happy. That was when I realised: I’ve been seeking external validation all along and... Continue Reading →

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